Sprinkle & Sweep - From Pet Mess to Freshness, In Just Seconds!

Sprinkle & Sweep is an industry-changing, non-toxic approach to pet accident cleanup at home that allows people to ditch the paper towels! With Sprinkle & Sweep, simply sprinkle the natural formula onto even the grossest of messes - instantly all liquids are solidified, allowing pee, poo, vomit, etc to be easily swept into a dustpan and disposed of. There are zero residues left behind and the house smells heavenly. Yep… it’s THAT easy!

This amazing veterinarian-approved product is made in California using all-natural, non-toxic ingredients including highly porous volcanic rock, coconut-based activated carbon, bamboo mint and lime essential oils, and active stink lock technology. They also have a spray available as well as a bamboo bristle brush and dustpan kit designed methodically for the unique material characteristics of Sprinkle & Sweep. Cleaning nasty pet messes never felt or smelled so good!

Sprinkle & Sweep - Volcanic Rock Makes Messy Pet Accident Cleanup a Breeze!

Why Choose Sprinkle & Sweep?


Volcanic Rock Helps Lead the Way in this Industry-Changing Pet Mess Cleanup Formula:

People’s heads are being turned by this new innovative mess cleanup product! This unique formula is made up of individual heavy hitters that, combined, are like nothing seen (or smelled!) before in the pet industry.


Highly Porous Volcanic Rock:

Many rocks consist of tiny particles that slowly, slowly become compacted as they're buried. But spaces--the even tinier pores and channels between the particles--remain. Liquid can flow through these spaces and be held there. When that happens, the rock becomes part of the groundwater system, or aquifer, which is Latin for "water bearer."

The spaces between rock particles are only visible under high magnification; to the unaided eye the rock would look . . . rock solid. Rocks that make up good aquifers not only have pores, but pores that are interconnected. Highly porous rocks make good aquifers. They can hold liquid like a sponge, and with their tiny pores, they are good at filtering surface pollutants

Highly porous rocks make good aquifers. They can hold water like a sponge, and with their tiny pores, they are good at filtering surface pollutants.

Highly porous volcanic rock also acts like a magnet to attract and hold unpleasant odors

Scientific studies have proven coconut-activated carbon’s incredible ability to remove chemicals, metal particles, sediment, and other contaminants from water. This also eliminates odor.

Activated charcoal has been used all over the world for thousands of years by cultures such as Native Americans (for better digestion), Egyptians (to treat wounds), Hindus (to clean water), and Greeks (for various ailments). Given its long history of safe use, the FDA has deemed activated charcoal to be GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Bamboo essential oil has a fresh, earthy aroma that is reminiscent of walking through a lush green bamboo grove on a warm summer day. Its scent is a combination of sweet, grassy, and woody, like freshly cut grass and wood chips.

  • Coconut-Based Activated Carbon:

    Coconut-based activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a major leader of activated carbons. This heavy hitter boasts an incredible number of tiny pores in the powder, which attract and eliminate impurities, toxins, and other nasty things. Coconut carbon has an incredible ability to draw out toxins from both air and water.

  • Bamboo Mint Essential Oil:

    Not only does mint smell amazing but it also is one the most powerful natural cleaners and disinfectants out there! Mint contains menthol which has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that kill germs and banish odors. Mint is a powerful disinfectant, pest controller, tick remover, air freshener, and cleaner.

  • Lime Essential Oil:

    Germ-fighting strength is packed into this fantastic oil. Some of the main constituents found in lime essential oil are limonene, B-pinene, and y-terpinene. These contribute to lime essential oil’s strong germ-fighting activity toward several strains of bacteria that are known to be problematic for humans and animals.

    The fragrance of lime essential oil is light, uplifting, sweet, and fresh. It can instantly elevate your mood.

  • Proprietary Active Stink-Lock Technology:

    Sprinkle & Sweep developed its own odor-converting technology, Active Stink-Lock Technology. Getting more scientific, this game-changing development works to block the organic compounds that cause stinky pet odors from vaporizing into the air. This technology is guaranteed to safely disable waste odors with no harm to animals or people.

Be sure to watch the amazing videos in our Learn More collapsible section!

Discover Sprinkle & Sweep Product Lines:

Sprinkle & Sweep: (Click to View Maddies Available Products)

Sprinkle & Sweep is easy to use and quick to provide effective cleanup of pet messes. Simply cover the mess with Sprinkle & Sweep granules, work in the granules from the outside inward to unstick the accident from the surface, sweep them into a dustpan, and dispose of them. Repeat if needed and done!

Sprinkle & Sweep Benefits & Features:

  • Super quick and effective cleanup
  • Touch free hands-off cleanup
  • Cost effective
  • No paper towel needed
  • Long lasting: most people are able to address 40 pet accidents with medium-sized dogs and cats. For larger to extra large breeds, about 30 accidents is the average for a single bag
  • Powered with Active Stink-Lock Technology, porous volcanic rock, coconut-based activated charcoal, bamboo mint & lime essential oils
  • Eliminates odor on contact to easily sweep up with sweeper kit
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly - also eliminates need of costly cleaning products which also helps reduce each person’s carbon foot print (while also being easier on the wallet!)
  • Zero pesticides, GMO’s, fertilizers, etc
  • Works on trash and household spills
  • Add to kitty litter to help capture waste and eliminate odor
  • Safe for pets and people: not harmful if swallowed but it is not a food product
  • Works on carpet for vomit or poo; Stain & Odor Spray recommended for other accidents on carpet and upholstery
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Compact bag is easy to store and travel with
  • Leaves behind a fresh smell!
  • Made in USA


Sprinkle & Sweep Stain and Odor Spray:

Spray and walk away! No scrubbing or blotting is necessary. Allow the concentrated enzymes in Sprinkle & Sweeps Stain and Odor Spray cleaning solution to do the hard work of getting the stains and bad smells out of carpet or rug for a fresh clean home.

Sprinkle & Sweep Stain and Stain Odor Spray Benefits & Features:

  • Comple odor removal deters pet temptation to urinate in the same spot again
  • Easy to use - spray and walk away. No scrubbing or blotting
  • Super concentrated bio-enzymatic cleaner
  • Mult-purpose for carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabrics, and hard surfaces
  • Use in crates or kennel areas to deodorize and clean after accidents
  • Fresh scent left behind of bamboo and mint
  • Great value
  • Made in USA


Sprinkle & Sweep Sweeper Kit:

The mini hand broom made with a premium engraved bamboo handle is carefully designed with the Sprinkle & Sweep material characteristics in mind.

Sprinkle & Sweep Sweeper Kit Benefits & Features:

  • Premium engraved bamboo handle
  • Dense, soft bristles are durable enough to sweep and pick up accidents and fur
  • Wont’ scratch surfaces
  • Pan has a soft rubber lip that lies flat against the floor
  • Raised bar on pan keeps debris in
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Multi-purpose can be used indoors or outdoors, on hardwood floors, kitchen floors, car, camper, furniture, and other upholstered seats


Videos - Learn More About Sprinkle & Sweep:

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