Maddies December Featured Products

Bamboo Fiber Cloth Wipes and All-Natural Nose & Paw Balm

New from Define Planet, all-natural bamboo fiber cloth wipes moistened with gentle cleansers, enriched with natural conditioners, oils (aloe, vitamin E) and deodorizers. Also launched travel size, all-natural, plastic free recyclable balms perfect for crusty noses and paws.

Bamboo Wipes and Nose & Paw Balm are available now.


Human Grade Beef Tails & Bulk Display Case Everest

New from This & That, all-natural human-grade Beef Tails are long-lasting, dehydrated chews that are completely digestible. Also available are new Bulk option for Everest Cheese Chews that come with a display case that will look great on any store counter.

Beef Tails & Everest Bulk Displays come in varying sizes.


Dog Leashes, Collars & Apparrel with Unparalleled Creativity, Functionality & Craftsmanship.

Offering a range of gear for dogs in fashion, function, and training and made with only premium materials, Woof Concept's mission to bridge the gap between creativity, functionality, and craftsmanship is inspired by art, music, technology and culture.

5% of profits donated to animal rescue programs


Meat-Free Pet Food with Scientifically Proven Amino Acid Profile Similar to Chicken

Dog and cat food that is a sustainable alternative protein option with an amino acid profile scientifically proven to be similar to chicken. Very little GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are generated and fewer natural resources are used for this fermented yeast protein, proteinNH+. 

Nature's HUG carries six unique blends for dogs of all life stages and four unique blends for cats of all life stages. 



High Meat Food for Dogs -Traditional Blend Chicken Meal Formula & Pork Meal Formula

Affordably priced, high-quality meat meals are made with a single meat protein that is low in carbs, gluten-free, made with no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no preservatives and chemical-free. They both also have the organic mineral blend, Zinpro, added.

Boreal Traditional Blend Chicken Meal Formula and Traditional Blend Pork Meal Formula are available today.



Air Dried, Fresh Meat Dog & Cat Treats

These small-batch, all-natural, air-dried treats are made of 95% fresh meat, are single animal-sourced, high in protein, low in fat, loaded with naturally sourced vitamins and minerals, and easy to break apart for training and rewarding. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to help conserve our beautiful country for generations to come.

Canada Fresh Treats are Available Today - Every Purchase Benefits the NCC



100% Plastic-Free Water Soluble Doggie Waste Bags

These durable, 100% environmentally friendly, hot water soluble, biodegradable and completely sanitary bags are 100% plastic free, including all micro and macro plastics. They can be flushed after being dissolved or can be left for the earth to decompose without leaving a trace. They are fully recyclable, compostable, and environmentally friendly.

Envirowise Water Soluble Doggie Waste Bags are Available Today.


Eliminate Toughest Odors for Pets and House

My Furry Best Friend Pet Shampoos cover varying hair types and sensitivities while eliminating tough odors like skunk. Home Sweet Home Odor Neutralizers eliminate even long-set smells of urine, smoke, pet bedding, garbage cans, perspiration, dampness, cages, and sewage.

Both Product Lines are Available Now in Maddies Shop


Named as Modern Dog Magazine's "Best Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy"

These snuffle mats are energy-consuming, slow-feeding, puzzle toys that help develop cognitive abilities and intelligence by stimulating pets' brains by using their sniffing skills to hunt for treats and food within the mat. 10 minutes of snuffing equals 1 hour of physical exercise.

All mats are labeled with their challenge level.


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