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For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of distributing top-quality dog food and biscuits for dogs and puppies. As a leading dog biscuits wholesale distributor, we understand the importance of nutrition in maintaining the health and vitality of our canine friends. Our selection of products from premier brands ensures that pet shops, pet stores, and pet supplies stores across the Canadian market have access to the best dog food options.

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We offer various dog food, including Raw Dog Food and Fresh Dog Food. Raw Dog Food is uncooked meat, often mixed with fruits and vegetables, providing a diet that closely resembles what a dog might eat in the wild. On the other hand, Fresh Dog Food is gently cooked and offers a balanced and nutritious meal. Both these options are essential as they provide natural nutrients, promoting overall well-being.

As a distinguished biscuits for dogs wholesale distributor, our catalog is designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of dogs and puppies at every stage of life. From grain-free options to specific ingredients catering to various health concerns, we provide an all-encompassing range that meets the evolving needs of discerning Canadian pet owners.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond being a mere dog biscuits wholesaler. We recognize that dogs require various protein sources and nutritional options to flourish. That's why our range includes diverse products that address specific health concerns, such as weight control, digestive care, skin and coat care, and more.

In the Canadian market, we stand out as a biscuit for dogs wholesaler, offering an exceptional selection of natural and puppy food options. Our comprehensive catalog is ideal for pet food shops and pet supplies stores, ensuring they can provide their customers with the finest natural dog food solutions.

Our dedication to innovation and quality ensures that our retail partners have access to the best products from premier brands. As a leading distributor of Pet Food and Pet Supplies, we are committed to meeting the needs of our partners and contributing to the health and happiness of dogs and puppies across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the benefits of feeding biscuits to dogs?

Biscuits for dogs provide essential nutrients, help clean teeth, reduce tartar build-up, and can be used as a training reward. They offer a balanced diet when combined with regular meals.

Q: Are dog biscuits suitable for puppies?

There are specially formulated dog biscuits for puppies that provide the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Always choose products designed for puppies' specific needs.

Q: Can dog biscuits replace regular meals?

Dog biscuits should not replace regular meals but can be a supplementary part of a balanced diet. They provide additional nutrients and are often used for training or as treats.

Q: What ingredients should be avoided in dog biscuits?

Avoid dog biscuits containing artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and ingredients like chocolate, xylitol, and excessive salt or sugar, as they can harm dogs.

Q: How to choose the right dog biscuits for my dog's dietary needs?

Choose dog biscuits based on your dog's age, weight, activity level, and any specific dietary needs or allergies. Look for natural ingredients and consult with a veterinarian if needed.

Q: Are there grain-free dog biscuits available?

Grain-free dog biscuits are available for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities. They have alternative ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, or chickpeas.

Q: Can I make homemade dog biscuits? What ingredients can I use?

Yes, homemade dog biscuits can be made using ingredients like whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, eggs, and vegetables. Ensure all ingredients are safe for dogs and follow a trusted recipe.

Q: How often should I feed my dog biscuits?

Dog biscuits should be fed in moderation, considering the dog's size, weight, and overall diet. They are typically used as treats or rewards rather than as a primary food source.

Q: Are there dog biscuits for specific health concerns?

Dog biscuits are formulated for specific health concerns like weight control, dental care, joint support, and more. Always choose products that align with your dog's health needs.

Q: What's the difference between dog biscuits and regular dog food?

Dog biscuits are typically harder and used as treats or rewards, while regular dog food is softer and form the main part of a dog's diet. Biscuits may have specific flavors or benefits.

Q: Can dog biscuits help with training?

Yes, dog biscuits are commonly used in training as rewards for positive behavior. They can be an effective tool in reinforcing desired actions and commands.

Q: Are there vegetarian or vegan dog biscuits?

Yes, vegetarian and vegan dog biscuits are available. They are made without meat or animal by-products and can be suitable for dogs with specific dietary preferences or allergies.

Q: How to store dog biscuits to keep them fresh?

Store dog biscuits in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Proper storage helps maintain freshness and prevents spoilage. Follow the manufacturer's instructions if available.

Q: Can I feed my dog biscuits made for humans?

It's not advisable to feed dogs biscuits made for humans, as they may contain harmful ingredients. Always choose biscuits specifically formulated for dogs.

Q: What are the signs of a quality dog biscuit?

Quality dog biscuits contain natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or fillers, and are made by reputable brands. Look for clear labeling and consider any specific dietary needs.

Q: Are there hypoallergenic dog biscuits?

Yes, hypoallergenic dog biscuits are available for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. They are formulated without common allergens and can be a safe treat option for sensitive dogs.

Q: Can dog biscuits expire? How to check?

Yes, dog biscuits can expire. Check the expiration date on the packaging and look for signs of spoilage like mold, off-odor, or changes in texture. Expired products should not be fed to dogs.

Q: How to introduce new dog biscuits to my dog's diet?

Introduce new dog biscuits gradually, mixing them with familiar treats. Monitor your dog's reaction and consult a veterinarian if you notice any adverse reactions or digestive issues.

Q: What's the difference between soft and hard dog biscuits?

Soft dog biscuits are easier to chew and may be suitable for puppies or older dogs with dental issues. Hard dog biscuits are more crunchy and can help clean teeth and reduce tartar build-up.

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