Nature's HUG - Sustainable Alternative Proteins Pet Foods

Nature's HUG uses proteinNH+ which is a protein with an amino acid profile equivalent to animal protein, providing a sustainable innovation with a greatly reduced carbon footprint and preserving our planet's precious resources.

Instead of using large amounts of water, land, and feed to raise livestock for over a year, the proteinNH + is grown in a fermenter which takes less than a day to ferment, grow, and be harvested with results equivalent to animal protein. In a short period, Nature’s HUG obtains a nutritionally complete product, generates very little GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, and uses much fewer natural resources to produce. Their advanced “biotics” (Pre-biotics, pro-biotics, and post-biotics) formula, OPTI-BIOM, acts as micro-encapsulation technology that allows the “biotics” micro-organisms to distribute to the right places in the pet's body while also working effectively for a strong immune system, optimal digestion, metabolic balance, and stress management.

Exceptional nutritional quality is provided in this low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber food that includes kale, turmeric, calcium, and vitamin D to act as anti-inflammatories that also help maintain good bone structure. Joint mobility is supported by Omega 3 fatty acids and fruits contained in their formulas while miscanthus, apple pomace, and other fiber-rich sources reduce the formation of hairballs and facilitate intestinal transit.

Nature's HUG Sustainable Alternative Protein Dog and Cat Food

Specialty Nature’s Hug Product Lines:

All Nature’s HUG recipes for cats and dogs are all-natural, GMO-free, grain-free, animal protein-free, wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free, chemical-free, preservative-free, artificial flavor-free, and artificial color free which makes their formulas a greatly reduced risk for allergies, including but not limited to skin and digestive problems.

Nature's HUG carries six unique blends for dogs of all life stages and four unique blends for cats of all life stages:

Nature's HUG Ultra Premium Dog Food

  • Junior Growth Toy & Small Breeds (2-12 months): this recipe has been optimally formulated to meet the developmental requirements of miniature and small-breed dogs and to get your puppy off to a better start in life to develop its full potential. Along with proteinNH+, this formula also contains superfoods such as kale, kelp and flaxseed to effectively support bone structure, immunity, skin and coat.
  • Junior Growth Medium & Large Breeds (2-14 months): has been carefully formulated to provide large breed puppies with the best diet early in their lives. Along with proteinNH+, this formula includes an ideal level of calcium to ensure better bone growth, prebiotics, probiotics and post-biotics to achieve and maintain proper digestive system function, as well as a complete profile of vitamins and minerals for brain health, heart function, and supporting of the immune system.
  • Adult Maintenance Toy & Small Breeds (1-10 years): this recipe is the best to meet the specific needs of smaller breeds during their adult life. It is designed to maintain pet’s healthy weight and provide all the essential nutrients to boost their immune system and maintain their vitality. Along with proteinNH+ this formula contains superfoods like L-lysine, turmeric, and tapioca and supports bone, immunity, skin, and fur health.
  • Adult Maintenance Medium & Large Breeds (1-7 years): has been carefully formulated to provide dogs of larger breeds the very best diet during their adult life. With Omega 3 fatty acids to promote and maintain healthy skin and coat, L-carnitine to support overall heart, brain, and muscle functions, and enriched by the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system.
  • Senior Older or Less Active Toy & Small Breeds (10+ years): this recipe has been formulated to meet the special needs of an aging pet. It provides highly digestible kibble with a balanced blend of ingredients to help support energy and activity levels. The protein and fat content has been optimally adjusted to maintain a healthy weight during the years when a pet is getting older.
  • Senior Older or Less Active Medium & Large Breeds (10+ years): this recipe has been formulated to meet the specific needs of aging dogs. It provides highly digestible kibble with a balanced blend of ingredients to help support energy and activity levels. The PROHAIR system will help pets maintain healthy skin and shiny coats throughout their senior life.

Nature's HUG Ultra Premium Cat Food

  • Kitten Growth (2-12 months): this recipe will help active kittens grow into strong, playful, healthy adult cats. It has been formulated to meet all of a kitten's nutritional needs within small kibble that is thin and appealing to kittens. This formula contains proteinNH+, probiotics, omegas, superfruits, and vitamins as well as a higher fat content than all other formulas - everything needed to support healthy growth and development during the first year of a kitten’s life.
  • Adult Indoor (1-10 years): this Indoor Hairballs recipe will help maintain a healthy weight for your adult cat while also providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fats. This formula is rich in fiber, will improve the immune system and overall health as well as help prevent hairballs and enhance intestinal transit.
  • Multicat Active (1-10 years): for multi-cat households or households with active adult cats, this Active Multicat formula is well-balanced in nutrients and provides them with everything they need to thrive and develop well.
  • Senior Older or Less Active (10+ years): this is for older, less active senior cats and has been formulated to meet the specific health needs of aging cats. The formula is lower in calories than that of a kitten and adult cat and, as a result, it ensures ideal body mass by preventing obesity. The alternative protein as the first ingredient makes it more suitable for an older animal and it is also lower in fat and easily digestible. Powerful antioxidants will keep cats’ aging immune systems healthy while strengthening their natural defenses.

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