Fish Lake Road - Premium Arctic Charr Raw Diets & Treats

Fish Lake Road is bringing one of the healthiest foods available to every pet’s bowl! Their Yukon Arctic Charr Premium Frozen Raw Diets and Air-Dried Pet Treats are heart-healthy, sustainably sourced, and easy on the nose. There is no other fish like Arctic Charr and no other pet diets like those provided by Fish Lake Road. These health-packed foods can be enjoyed by both dogs and cats.

Fish Lake Road’s sustainably sourced Arctic Charr fish comes from the northernmost waters of the Canadian Yukon and are a fantastic source of protein, Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Fish Lake Road includes the skin in their diets, which is a great source of calcium. The rich Vitamin D content in the meat ensures that the body will more readily optimize the nutrients provided. Arctic Charr has been a staple for working dogs in the Yukon for a long time and now, thanks to Fish Lake Road, pets around the globe can benefit from this incredible superfood!

Fish Lake Road - Arctic Charr Premium Frozen Raw Diets & Air-Dried Treats

Why Choose Fish Lake Road?


Over 30 Years Highest Quality Family-Owned Arctic Charr Sustainable Fish Farming

The Fishlake Road journey began with Icy Waters Ltd. This family-owned, sustainable Arctic Charr fish farm in Whitehorse, Yukon has, for over 30 years, been held in the highest regard across the country for providing premium quality Arctic Charr fish products. Their Arctic Charr have been used and featured in white tablecloth restaurants across the country!


Fishlake Road Recognized as a Sustainable Zero Waste Farm - Commitment & Standards

WIth Fishlake Road’s farm (Icy Waters Ltd) Arctic Charr being known as the finest available, they’ve had local dog owners continually lined up at their farm gate to buy their trimmings. Their fish has also been a preferred diet choice for some competitive sled dog teams - through all of this and more, they developed a passion to provide all of the heart health benefits of their premium quality fish, to every dog’s bowl. This is how Fishlake Road was born.

Fishlake Road is committed to developing and promoting an industry that is environmentally sound and uses sustainable aquaculture practices.

  • Over 30 years sustainably farming Arctic Charr in the Canadian Yukon
  • Using their premium Arctic Charr trimmings to create products for pets outside the Yukon allows them to have nearly zero waste on every single one of their fish
  • Their Raw Food Diets follow proper percentages of protein, fruit, vegetable, organ, and bone
  • Source only human-grade ingredients
  • Canadian-sourced ingredients
  • Manufacture to human-grade HACCP standards
  • All Fishlake Road Arctic Charr is processed under the watchful eyes of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • All processing is in a federally approved HACCP-certified processing plant
  • Manufacture to human-grade HACCP standards
  • They know exactly where their fish come from and how they lived
  • Constantly monitoring every aspect of every step in the process
  • Real-life results continually showcasing pets with better energy, better skin and fur, improvement in overall health, happier pets


Fishlake Road Process & Foods Free From Common Allergens

Allergies are overreactions by immune systems. Studies have shown that the two most common food allergens in dogs are grain and chicken.

Fish Lake Road has designed all Complete Raw Meals so that they do not contain any grain, chicken, or chicken by-products. While they might be very cost-effective ingredients, healthy feeding, and immune response is more important to them.

A lot of animal allergies are based on a build-up of unneeded ingredients in a pet’s system. This build-up can encourage the wrong enzymes to be in a pet’s digestive tract and can cause poor stomach health.


The Fishlake Road Process…

  • Over 30 years sustainably farming their own Arctic Charr in the Canadian Yukon
  • They know the entire life story and detail of each fish that goes into their foods
  • Every Fishlake Road meal recipe formula starts with Arctic Charr
  • They source only Canadian, human-grade ingredients
  • They add other proteins to their Arctic Charr to build up specific health benefits and flavors
  • Their meals are balanced to the proper percentages of protein, muscle meat, vegetables, fruits, organ meats, and bones
  • Their proteins include Arctic Charr, beef, rabbit, and lamb
  • Their fruits and vegetables are formulated to mix with the appropriate proteins to ensure that a pet's diet is well-rounded with the required vitamins and minerals
  • All ingredients are human grade
  • Ingredients sourced and maintained to food grade standards ensure that pets enjoy the same high-quality products that people do


What is Arctic Charr & Why is it SO Amazing!?

Regarded worldwide as one of the finest freshwater finfish available in the world, Arctic Charr is a beautiful pink-fleshed fish that is full of flavor and nutrition. It is a meaty fish related to trout and salmon. As a cold-water fish, it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and a source of Vitamin D.

  • A cold, freshwater fish
  • Member of salmon and trout families
  • World’s most northernmost fish
  • Subtle taste and firm flesh exquisitely loved by chefs and foodies around the world
  • Heart-healthy
  • Sustainably-sourced
  • Filled with Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Increased immune function and brain health
  • One of the most sustainable species in Aquaculture
  • Ocean Wise recommended and approved
  • Best-choice of Monterey Bagy Aquarium
  • Thanks to Fishlake Road, these benefits are available to pets around the world


Discover Fishlake Road’s Product Lines:

Fishlake Road Complete Raw Meals: (Click to View Maddies Available Products)

Fish Lake Road, strives to create the proper balance of products in their Complete Raw Meal formulas so that pets receive the full nutritional benefits they need. Pets get all of the positive digestive enzymes working together to ensure the proper conversion of food into energy.

Fishlake Road Complete Raw Meals Benefits & Features:

  • Premium World-Renowned Arctic Charr from their own family-owned farm
  • Every recipe starts with Arctic Charr and then they add other proteins to build a combination of health benefits and flavors
  • Raw food meals
  • 100% of ingredients are approved for human consumption
  • Non-GMO
  • All Complete Raw Meals do not contain the most common allergy triggers (grain, chicken, chicken by products)
  • No added sugar or gluten-based starches
  • Free of meals
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, additives
  • Various recipe formulas available
  • Pure 100% Arctic Charr option available to create own recipe, use as topper, and protein boost
  • Novel protein additions available like rabbit
  • Options for less active pets
  • Great options for pets with digestive issues and food sensitivitites


Fishlake Road Arctic Charr Treats:

Fishlake Road’s Arctic Charr Treats begin and end with Arctic Charr to provide heart-healthy benefits.

Fishlake Road Arctic Charr Treats Benefits & Features:

  • Premium World-Renowned Arctic Charr from their own family-owned farm
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Designed for peak pet performance
  • Rich with Omega 3, fish oil, and Vitamin D
  • Pure Arctic Charr treats available that include all parts of the fish; you may intentionally see bones, skin, and organ parts in the treats
  • Rich in protein
  • Multiple flavor recipes available
  • Help support cardiovascular health, healthy coat, strong muscles
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
  • Great for all life stages
  • All human-grade ingredients sourced in Canada


Videos - Learn More About Fishlake Road:

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