BiologicVET - Holistic Nutritional Health Supplements for Dogs & Cats

BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system of pet supplements formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of a pet’s diet. BiologicVET holds GMP Certification issued by Health Canada which requires the testing and verification of all raw materials before use. Each ingredient is carefully preserved through meticulous climate and production controls, airtight packaging with no use of any artificial ingredients ever.

Dogs and cats have very unique biologic makeup that requires specific ratios and proportions of essential vitamins and nutrients. Each BiologicVET product has been designed in precise proportions to meet their requirements. They develop their formulas in collaboration with world-renowned scientific organizations and have become one of the leading contributors to the development of new-age complementary and alternative health care.

BiologicVET Holistic Nutritional Health Supplements for Dogs & Cats.

Why Choose BiologicVET Supplements?


BiologicVET See & Feel the Difference:

People who supplement their pet’s diet with BiologicVET, SEE a visual difference in their pet while also witnessing obvious indications that their pet FEELS the difference.

BiologicVET Benefits:

  • Organic powder delivery system
  • Used and recommended by leading veterinarians
  • Fast acting
  • Optimally absorbed
  • Great tasting
  • No pills, no fuss


GMP Certified by Health Canada

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program is maintained by Health Canada. GMP certification provides consumers and retailers with the assurance that BiologicVET products are manufactured utilizing industry best practices.

Health Canada regularly inspects companies that fabricate, package/label, test, import, or distribute drugs for the purpose of sale. This rigorous testing ensures that products being sold in Canada are safe and meet good manufacturing practices. They manage the GMP inspection program to ensure companies comply with all government regulations.


Quality Seal of Approval NASC Certification (National Animal Supplement Council):

The NASC Quality Seal Certification Program is part of their efforts to help elevate and standardize the animal health supplement industry. Holding and maintaining a Quality Seal with NASC means that members continually pass rigorous independent audits of their products and facilities, earning them permission to display the Quality Seal. This demonstrates to consumers BiologicVET’s commitment to the highest standards of quality in the pet supplement industry.

NASC Seal Provides Peace of Mind:

  • Must pass audits every two years and demonstrate ongoing compliance with program criteria
  • Ingredients reviewed by NASC Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Stringent labeling compliance
  • Random product testing
  • Real-time product monitoring in NASC Adverse Event Reporting System (NAERS)
  • Documented quality control & production procedures
  • High-quality standards must be maintained to uphold Approval Seal
  • Passing of rigorous independent audits
  • Cruelty-free never tested on animals

NASC Criteria Compliance to Earn Quality Seal:

  • Have a quality control manual in place that provides written standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production process control, which helps ensure the company is providing a consistent and quality product.
  • Have an adverse event reporting/complaint system in place to monitor and evaluate products in real time.
  • Stringent labeling compliance
  • Random product testing
  • Real-time product monitoring in NASC Adverse Event Reporting System (NAERS)
  • Comply with stringent labeling guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling.
  • Include on product labels any specific warnings and caution statements for particular ingredients that are recommended by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Submit to random product testing by an independent lab to ensure ingredients meet label claim.


BiologicVET Holistic System:

BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system, formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of a pet’s diet.

The naturally-sourced ingredients are chosen for their high bioavailability of nutrients and the formulas are specifically designed to meet the unique gastrointestinal and metabolic needs of canines and felines.


Nutritionally Rich, Organic Delivery System:

The foundation of each powder supplement is a prebiotic, lignan-rich blend of organic defatted flax, sunflower, and sesame seed fiber, which supports healthy immune and metabolic function. The free-form non-medicinal nutrients ensure improved delivery of nutrition, facilitating greater use of the active ingredients, both in BiologicVET products and in your preferred brand of raw, dry, or moist pet food.

In addition to the condition-specific ingredients in each powder supplement, the powdered BiologicVET delivery system is rich in:

  • PREBIOTICS that feed the naturally present healthy gut flora (bacteria) in a pet’s lower gastrointestinal tract. This encourages a proper flora population and facilitates nutrient bioavailability; at the same time, promoting a normal microbiome. Not only do prebiotics support a pet’s digestive health but they also maintain their immune function.
  • LIGNANS are naturally occurring phytoestrogens (plant-based hormones). They function as antioxidants and are converted into enterolactone and enterodiol (mammalian lignans). Their role is the control of normal hormonal balance and function, especially helpful when an animal has been spayed or neutered.


Active Enzymes & Antioxidants in Every Product:

Many BiologicVET formulas include additional enzymes and antioxidants to optimize the beneficial activity of nutrients in the maintenance of the animal’s general health.

  • ENZYMES are used by a pet’s body in many different physiological functions such as healthy cellular activity, detoxification, and breaking down the nutrients in their food.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS combat the detrimental effects of cellular oxidation—a naturally occurring process in a pet’s body. Some of the cells in this process become damaged and unstable particles known as free radicals. Free radicals seek healthy cells to repair and stabilize themselves, weakening healthy cells in the process and creating an unhealthy chain of events. Antioxidants limit the effects of free radicals by encouraging their exit from the body naturally, minimizing further damage to healthy cells.
  • The digestive system is the gateway to the immune system. A pet’s lower gastrointestinal tract is where vital nutrients from their diet absorb and fuel healthy immune function and metabolism. Healthy immune response and metabolism depend on the effective absorption and bioavailability of nutrients in order to sustain overall health.


Discover Biologic Vet Product Lines:

BiologicVet BioFATS:

BiologicVETS BioFAT Benefits & Features:

  • For dogs & cats of any age, active or not-so-active
  • BioFATS is the only omega 3-6-9 supplement that supports the pancreas with pancrelipase helping it breakdown of the food a pet is eating. Pancrelipase provides three enzymes: lipase for fat, amylase for carbs, and protease for protein, essential for digestion and absorption of numerous nutrients, especially fats.
  • Works synergistically with each BiologicVET supplement for maxim results
  • Supports healthy skin, coat, joints, heart, normal shedding, and aging
  • Precise ratio of omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids with EPA
  • Supplies active essential fatty acids known to optimize, nouris, and protect
  • Supports healthy metabolic and hormonal activity
  • Supports normal inflammatory and histamine response
  • Ensures pet receives the exact proportion of fatty acids their bodies need
  • Antioxidant-protected supply of molecularly distilled fish oil from sardine, herring, mackerel, and anchovy
  • Organic flaxseed and virgin olive oils supply nutrients known to support health
  • Encourages normal development and aging
  • NASC Quality Seal


BiologicVet BioVITES:

BiologicVETS BioVITES Benefits & Features:

  • For dogs & cats of any age, active or not-so-active
  • Multi-nutrient providing wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, lignans, protein, amino acids, and antioxidants
  • Contains pacrelipase that hydrolyzes triglycerides; protease and bromelain that hydrolyzes protein
  • Recommended using with BioFATS for maximum health support
  • Supports healthy digestion, absorption, and metabolism that are important for immune function and general health
  • Increases nutrient density of each meal
  • Use with any preferred brand or style of pet food (raw, dry, or moist)
  • Daily supplement formulated to support pet’s immune system
  • Encourages the most effective delivery of nutrients
  • Maintain nutrient density
  • Feed efficiency
  • Helps maintain general health at every stage of pet’s life
  • NASC Quality Seal


BiologicVet BioJOINT:

BiologicVETS BioJOINT Benefits & Features:

  • For dogs & cats of any age with predisposition to joint issues (elbow, hip, knee, etc)
  • Cohesive blend of ingredients designed to help activate the chondrocytes (worker cells of the cartilage)
  • Supports effective use of glucosamine in the rebuildling of collagen; without this activation, glucosamine serves as an anti-inflammatory agent without effectively contributing to tissue regerneration
  • Provides connective tissues support
  • Provides antioxidants to help reduce the oxidative damage from free radicals
  • Contains blend of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs that facilitate a healthy inflammatory response and support healthy joint function
  • Great for dogs and cats showing signs of joint discomfort
  • Great for mature and senior animals
  • Supports healthy joint mobility and flexibility
  • NASC Quality Seal


BiologicVet BioSKIN & COAT:

BiologicVETS BioSKIN& COAT Benefits & Features:

  • For dogs & cats of any age with predisposition to seasonal allergies
  • Great for dogs & cats showing signs of hotspots and/or yeast overgrowth
  • Natural bioflavanoid formula that targets histamine receptors, where the central allergy response takes place
  • Designed with defatted seed blend for optimal absorption specifically for canine and feline metabolism and gastrointestinal tract
  • Biologically active ingredients have not been exposed to oxidation
  • Preventative measure care for cats and dogs
  • Supports pet’s healthy physiological processes
  • Sustains overall pet health and well-being
  • Developed to promote skin and coat health
  • Supports normal immune system and histamine response to allergens
  • NASC Quality Seal


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