Nature's Hug Animal Protein Free Diets

NH Mycoprotein


The NH Mycoprotein is an alternative protein with an amino acid profile similar to the animal protein, without being meat.

It provides exceptional nutritional quality! It is low in fat, very low in calories, and high in fiber.

It offers a great advantage for our pets and our ecosystem since it generates less GHG ( greenhouse gaz ) emissions than animal protein


Biotics and OPTI BIOM technology

Vitality and well-being!

We have integrated into our formula PRE- PRO - POST biotics. The microbiome is a delicate system of "good" and "bad" microorganisms. They work together to maintain your pet's health. If the balance is disrupted, he may suffer.

The "Biotics" work effectively for a strong immune system, optimal digestion, metabolic balance, stress management.

OPTI-BIOM is the micro-encapsulation technology that allows distributing the "Biotics" (micro-organisms) to the right places in your pet's body.

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