SUSTAINABLY Yours Multi-Cat Plus Litter 26lb

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At Sustainably Yours, we set out to create a litter that is both high-performing and environmentally friendly. Our plant-based formula is full of benefits for both you and your cat—all while remaining sustainable. Mixed-grain formula for balanced performance.

  • OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL: Our proprietary formula instantly traps urine odor and prevents its build-up. And we never use fragrance, so there are no artificial scents that can irritate both cats and people.

  • EXCEPTIONAL CLUMPING: Because our litter is made exclusively from corn and cassava, it’s naturally rich in starches. This results in dry, fast-forming, and firm clumps that you can trust to stay together while scooping and cleaning your litter box.

  • VIRTUALLY NO DUST: Our proprietary machinery removes dust at key points in the production process, resulting in a litter that protects cats from possible respiratory issues—and your home from a dusty mess.



Besides bringing you and your cat a natural, 100% sustainable litter, we’re doing our part
to protect the planet by donating a portion of every purchase to help support the
Rainforest Trust.

This organization acquires acreage in threatened rainforests worldwide to protect and
sustain natural habitats. Over 18 million acres have been rescued since 1988! To learn more
about Rainforest Trust’s global conservation projects,
please visit

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